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Midnight Diner


Nem at Cicada takes place in the evenings and serves dishes that warm the soul, combining Vietnamese festive classics served at special family gatherings and celebratory events. We retain the core flavors and cooking processes as we play with fresh local ingredients. Our dishes will change seasonally, depending on inspirations from farmers markets, the weather, and mother earth. We are thrilled to create this cozy joyous experience for the love of customers, friends, and ourselves.


Inspired by Midnight Diner - Tokyo Stories, a TV series where heartwarming dishes and life stories are shared at a cozy speakeasy tiny restaurant with a comforting vibe from the master chef. 


The menu


New England oysters - 3/each 

green papaya, cashew, fried shallot, garlic nuoc cham, basil


gỏi đu đủ - Saigon salad 12

green papaya, cashew, fried shallot, garlic nuoc cham, basil


cà tím dầu dừa - coconut eggplant 10

coconut oil, garlic, cashew, crispy shallot, traditional nuoc cham


salmon tartare 15

sushi grade salmon, avocado, red radish, fried shallot, pipeapple sauce 


gỏi cá cam - gỏi yellowtail 16

cured yellowtail, lime, red radish, blood orange, spicy nuoc cham, herbs


nghêu hấp sả - steamed little neck clam with lemomgrass 17

fresh betel leaf, black peper, turmeric powder 


gỏi tôm cay - spicy Gulf shrimp 15

pineapple, blood orange sauce, fried shallot, herbs 


Phở trộn - Phở salad 15

seared Gulf shrimp, blood orange sauce, tomato, herbs


Phở cá - fish broth Phở 14

ocean milky fish bones broth, fish patty, fresh noodle, fried shallot, lemongrass satay, herbs 

add topping $7: yellowtail, tobiko fish eggs


mango with coconut ice cream 9

Tocasnini’s coconut ice-cream, fresh mango, black Locust honey, splash Viet coffee 



please let us know if you have any food restrictions 

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Looking to host an event?

Host your COVID-safe event in our private dining space. Reach out to our team for more information.

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